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It feels like AVX has been going on for years. It’s been seven months of absolutely awful comics from Marvel (not including those unrelated to the event, most notably Daredevil). Aside from taking up entirely too long to end, so many things in it made so profoundly little sense that I could not keep track of anybody’s motivation or position. There was actually a point from about issue seven to issue nine when I enjoyed it solely to see how much more ridiculous it could get. Then the last few issue came out once a month instead of every two weeks. As soon as the pace slowed, all the wakyness and absurdity of it just became a chore. It all culminated in the most irrelevant death I could imagine. I can’t think of a character that was more marginalized already for them to have killed. Now, the death of Charles Xavier should have been a huge deal. The guy is essentially the Martin Luther King Jr. of the marvel universe, but he has done absolutely nothing for years. The X-men chased him off, and no one seemed to care about him at all. he had essentially been removed from continuity already. For that matter, he wasn’t even in most of AVX.

I think that the biggest problem with the book was that there were way too many characters getting way too much panel time. Why did they show them recruiting Hulk? Why did Nova do anything? What the hell was that dragon? Hell, did Scarlet Witch really need to have that big a part? The story would have been much better if it had only concentrated on Hope and Wolverine, the one the whole conflict revolves around and the one straddling the two sides who has the most history with the phoenix respectively. Every new mentor Hope got from the Avengers like Iron Fist, and Scarlet Witch at the end should have just been Wolverine like it was when they went to the moon. Of course the main conflict would still be between Cap and Cyclops, but but the whole story would have been much more streamlined and coherent if they kept to those four characters. 

Also it should have been half as long at most.

Sometimes, we end up writing a comic because we read a particular Wikipedia page. This is one of them. We started talking about pasties while watching a pretty awesome video from Burning Man of a camera attached to a hula hoop. We eventually ended up on the nipple pasties Wikipedia page where we found out that breast petals is an actual name for them. We decided that was enough to make us want to write a comic, and this is what we ended up with.

Also, remember to check out my own tumblr page. I’ve been posting comics every weekday for a little over two weeks now.

It occurs to me that I could look through my old Knuckles the Echidna comics and find out the actual reason that he can fly (I think he actually glides. One more lie), but where’s the fun in that? This comic is a pretty good example of what the entire writing process of Ready Soup is like. We either have stupid conversations like this or pretend to pitch comics we or someone else has already made to each other. For example, I’ll say, “Let’s make a comic where Micheal Otters goes to kick a football, but John pulls it away at the last second, and he falls on his ass,” or John will say, “How about Mitch hates Mondays and then eats a lot of lasagna.” We probably say about ten of these every time we write. Really, you’d think the bit would get old, but we keep doing it. Also we play classic RPGs and watch Power Rangers. We do that a lot.